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Nowadays, there are a great many piano brands being made. Interesting fact: during the last 200 years there were approximately 12.500 piano brands that have appeared. Naturally, one might get lost in such a stream of brands. To help you find your way around all these different pianos, here is a short list of brands that are universally considered to be dependable and popular. Many of these brands are American. This is because of the piano boom that occurred between 1820 and 1920. Also, please keep in mind that there are many factors affecting a particular piano- the factory it was made in, the year of production (in some cases) and others. In any way, here is the list:

  • Fazioli

This is an Italian-based company. Their name is derived from Paolo Fazioli, a famous music enthusiast. He began his work in 1978 and the company’s been producing high quality pianos ever since. Their focus is on grand pianos (the largest ones out there).

  • Bechstein

This brand is among the favourite ones for many artists who perform at concerts or record their music in studios. This company originates from Germany and they go as far back as year 1853. They are considered to have the best upright pianos (they also produce grand ones). This particular company has suffered huge losses during the First and Second World Wars, but made a huge resurgence later. Many famous artists (Freddie Mercury from the “Queen”, Elton John and even legendary “the Beatles”) have all contributed to the resurrection of this company.

  • Charles Walter

This is an American brand. It is famous for catering to the individual’s wishes and preferences. They use high quality wood that is long-lasting and good looking. Their product range includes studio oak (pianos made out of this wood are usually used in schools and churches) as well as more modern materials that cater to the younger generation.

  • Stuart and SonsGuitar and piano tips

This one is peculiar company. Their pianos have more keys than the standard ones (14 in case of standard model). This allows them to produce higher or lower notes (traditionally used in grand pianos). They specialize in upright pianos. They are regarded as one of the world’s best due to their quality (they are all hand crafted) and unique touch.

  • Kawai

Very famous in the United States and Canada for their acoustic and digital pianos, this company actually originates from Japan (not surprising, considering the name). They have been manufacturing pianos for more than 80 years now. One can expect the finest quality and design pieces from them.

  • Steinway and Sons

This is one of the world’s leading upright piano brands. Founded by Henry Steinway in New York (1853) this company continues to grow their reputation up to this day. They produce pianos of highest standards that received various awards from institutions in Paris, New York and other major cities. They also produced the most expensive piano in the world (originally bought by John Lennon and re-purchased by George Michael for $2.1 million).