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3 Easy to play piano songs

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Do you have a piano around and would like to learn a couple of songs? This little guide assumes you have at least some idea about various notes and chords that can be found on a piano. If you do, then let us get started! Here is the list of five songs that are beginner friendly and generally easy to learn;

1) London Bridge is falling down

This is a fairly basic song that will give you some ideas how to differentiate the melodies and associate chords with melodies. Start with a G. If you sing the song in your head you can notice that the last note sort of pushes you to G. It may not be the case, but let’s start with G anyway. If we do this, the end will be on C. Based on that we can assume C is the key then. Start the song with a C. When the second “falling down” part hits, change it to D. Let’s check the fourth and fifth chords and see if any of those contains D. Of course, the fifth chord does contain it. At that point, switch back to G. That’s pretty much it!

2) Scientist by Coldplay

The key for this song is F. The initial riff starts with a D in the left hand and F major in the right (during the 2nd inversion). This combined gives us a D minor 7th. Left hand is used to hammer away at eight notes. Right hand, in the meanwhile, plays quarter notes. Then it changes to B flat. During the end of this segment, move your right pinky to get C note. 3rd note than is F major (right) and F (left). Then, after a certain time, we switch to C suspended in the right and F in the left hand. After that the melody repeats itself.Read more: 3 Easy to play piano songs